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Clean My PC For Free – One Way To Do It

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Clean my PC for free, I’ll show you how I did it. But first let’s understand why I need to clean my PC in the first place.

I am just like most PC users, so certainly softwares that come with MS-Windows are not enough to accommodate a lot of the thing I want to do through my PC. Sure MS-Windows comes with a lot of useful softwares like the MS-Office suite but especially for the fun stuffs I definitely need much better software to meet what I really want to achieve.

So I start installing many software programs, ready to use in my PC. Unfortunately that also means my PC gets bloated and slows down as a consequence. Before long my hard disk is full, my Windows system registry gets too big, both of which are recipes to slow down my PC. So after some time, I have little choice but to do some PC clean up, clean up the “mess” firstly by uninstalling those software programs that I no longer use. Good news is most software applications do come with their own uninstall program to make life easy for me.

Unfortunately not all of these software programs will have smooth uninstall process. Especially those older software programs tend to have errors during uninstallation. Sometimes it is just one of those computer errors I encounter in the middle of uninstall process that causes the uninstall to be incomplete. I will then end up with the software being still listed in the software list in Windows control panel although the software program files have been removed.

So what can I do then? I certainly would not want to bring my PC all the way to computer shop just to get rid of this error. Won’t be worth my money and time, wouldn’t you agree? But still this error is eating up space in my PC and I wouldn’t want that to add trouble to my bloated PC hard disk right? Well this is how I clean my PC for free without needing to hire a PC technician to do it for me.

  • I click Windows Start menu and select “Run”.
  • In the “Run” dialog box, I type “regedit” and then click “OK”.
  • This will fire up Windows Registry Editor. I then locate the following key in the editor: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
  • I open the key and search for the software name in the subkeys.
  • Then I right-click the software key, and select “Delete” in the popup menu. If I encounter keys with only hexadecimal values surrounded by the “curly” brackets aka {}, I’ll check the value of DisplayName under the key to help me identify the software.
  • I then click “Yes” to confirm the delete process.
  • Finally I close the Registry Editor and select “Exit” from File menu.

You can do the same to clean your computer for free from uninstall errors. It is vitally important for you to make sure you only delete software keys that you have uninstall either using the uninstall software that comes with the software itself or through the control panel. Once you delete the software keys using registry editor, you won’t be able to uninstall the particular software program from the control panel anymore. So anytime you are in doubt, just try to uninstall the software program through control panel first before you proceed with using Registry Editor.

It is crucial that you are comfortable doing this and are confident you can follow through the steps exactly. One single mistake in editing or deleting windows registry entries can cause system boot up problem for your PC. If you are not comfortable doing this, not to worry as there are software available that will do all these for you automatically.

Most of us would not want to mess around with the technical mumbo jumbo stuff. Well, neither do I when I don’t have to. I mainly use this PC clean up software to clean my PC for free, repair PC errors and speed up my PC. Makes life just much easier for me. Make no mistake, this will not be cure for all PC problems. No software can do that, as we all know, especially if the problem is in PC hardware. However this software really works well for me to clean my PC for free and avoid having to shell out money to hire PC technician. Solves lots of my headache with software issues. Click here to download and use it for your own PC.

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